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Most Played Indoor Games!


There are always two players on the chessboard. Players must use tactics and strategy while having fun. Chess requires intense mental concentration. That’s why your brain has to work hard. Games played indoors have a significant chance of turning into a competition.


Bowling uses a polished wood or synthetic lane divided into 39 boards and 60 feet long. You have to push the ball along the path to hit ten clubs arranged in a triangle at the end of the path. Players aim to get hits (you throw all the clubs in one throw) or spares (you throw all the clubs in two throws) to score as many points as possible.


The object of indoor darts is to score points by aiming small sharp darts at numbered sections of the round board. Players must use precision, attention and skill to hit the targets. It is a game that combines precision and strategy, offering players of all skill levels a fun and engaging experience. You can enjoy it at home in company.


Ludo is a game that combines luck and strategy, as players make decisions based on the dice rolls and try to outmaneuver their opponents. It is a popular choice for gatherings, family game nights, and casual competitions, providing hours of entertainment and friendly rivalry.

Why choose JAWAINDO?

We think indoor gaming at Jawaindo is more than just a hobby; it’s a vibrant culture that encourages collaboration, encourages innovation, and pushes the boundaries of imagination. Whether you’re a casual gamer or an avid fan of a specific genre, we’ve got you covered.

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